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Electile Dysfunction

Electile Dysfunction House ad.jpg

Bust out the Fentanyl patches, turn that morphine drip on high, and tune into CNN as Clinton and Sanders go head-to-head once again! While the Republican candidates plan their Free Market Death Panels and argue about hand sizes, the Democratic camp is busy trying to scrounge up enough pills to keep your impoverished ass alive; and that’s where Electile Dysfunction comes in! Just print off your Candidate Pill Bottles and arrange the pills in a child accessible location. Any time a candidate mentions one of the topics listed on the pills, add it to their bottle. The candidate with the most pills wins! Possible side effects include but are not limited to bouts of explosive diarrhea, blood in one’s stool, suicidal depression, outbreaks on the skin, increased heart rate and immediate death!

PDF Version: Electile Dysfunction board



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