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Welcome to the Iowa Caucuses, where presidential campaigns go to die. During this proud tradition, Republicans do their best to get a name on a slip of paper while Democrats try to get a lot of people into a room … or something like that. In honor of this proud democratic event, Weird Voyeurism Novelties presents another symbol of failed dreams, and outlandish promises: Caucus Cash-out Novelty Lotto tickets! Print-off your least favorite candidate, cut out their scratchers, tear them apart, and throw the pieces around the bus stop! Leave them alongside forgotten 40 oz. bottles behind the hardware store, or in Wal-Mart shopping carts! Put them wherever dreams go to die; it’s almost as bad as being in the State of Iowa!

Ben's Big BucksBen’s Big Bucks

Bernies BundlesBernie’s Bundles

Christie CashChristie Cash

Cruz's ClamsCruz’s Clams

Fiorina's Folding StuffFiorina’s Folding Stuff

Gilmore's GreenbacksGilmore’s Greenbacks

Hillary's Hard CashHillary’s Hard Cash

Jeb's G'sJeb’s G’s


Mike's MoolaMike’s Moola

Omalley's Pot-o-GoldOMalley’s Pot-o-Gold

Rand's RichesRand’s Riches

Rubio's RichesRubio’s Rolls

Santorum's SackSantorum’s Sack

Trump's TrillionsTrump’s Trillions


Axis of Evil Finger Puppets

Axis of Evil Finger Puppets

Wage your own ideological war with the greatest dictators ever…

Weird Voyeurism presents Finger Puppets!


Cutting and folding instructions available here! (See single-page options)

OMT house ad issues 1-2

Objectivist Mac Tonight

Ass-covering statement: Obvious parody is obvious. Objectivist Mac Tonight is in no way associated with the McDonald’s Corporation, the Ayn Rand Institute, or any other affiliated groups. If you’re uneducated enough to believe that either party would be associated with such nonsense, I know the address of a deposed Nigerian monarch to whom you should email your money.

Objectivist Mac Tonight #1 and #2 Minizines

Late night deals on cheeseburgers with a side order of Randian self-indulgent rantings on the virtues of greed! Cut-out, fold, and enjoy Objectivist Mac Tonight issues #1 and #2!

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