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April 14 Debate 1

To the Left and in the Red corner, wearing union-made trunks and representing the suppressed power of a castrated working class, the Funky Hunky, BERNIIIIIIIEEEEEEE SANDERS!

And to the slightly-Left of the Center in the custom-made Gold’s Gym Pantsuit, The Queen of the Hill, Madame Secretary, HILLARRRRYYYYYYYY CLINTON!


The long-awaited fight night is finally here, and this time, it’s going to be mildly less polite. The firebrand free-for-all is about to go down in Brooklyn, and Weird Voyeurism is marking the event with these Brooklyn Brawl commemorative posters!


Non-gender-specific-term-to-address-a-crowd: Let’s Get Ready To Rabble!


Brooklyn poster

Brooklyn poster Hillary

Brooklyn poster Bernie

Hillary Poster Pixelated

Bernie poste pixelated


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