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Border Walls vs Firewalls: The First Presidential Debate


As the the first presidential debate kicks up there’s only one important question to ask:                                              Who can build a wall faster?

Will the ‘yuge’ orange man with tiny hands be able to secure our borders?

Or will the grandmother of oligarchy finally lock down her Yahoo account?

We’ll only find out who wins this muckraking contest by watching this mockery of democracy!

And while other news sources agree that the debate is easier to watch without audio, we at WV believe it’s your American duty to get pissed off and start throwing things, eventually feeling disenfranchised and ethically ill enough to cause a bout of chain-smoking and drinking. Yep, it’s time to play ball!

Add one of the insidious buzzwords to the corresponding game board whenever either candidate spouts off some of this nonsense. First to complete their wall with 8 keywords wins!

A digital version of the game can be found here:


While printable paper cards can be found here.

Trump’s Cards:


Clinton’s Cards:




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