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I Symbol the 90s Debate Debingo

Log out of your AIM account, turn down the Nirvana playing on your Walkman, and change the channel from the latest episode of Friends to CNN, as we head back to the 90s for the second Presidential debate! As Americans start making serious decisions about where we’re going to be heading for the next four to eight years, issues from over 20 years ago keep re-emerging into the national conversation. Whether it’s unpaid taxes, sexual indiscretions, or other sexual indiscretions, we can expect to hear a lot about the Acid-washed age this debate night.

Head back to a time when blatant homophobia was standard-fare for sitcoms with Weird Voyeurism’s I Symbol the 90s Debate Debingo. Just print off your card, cut out your markers, and tune into the Presidential debate at 9. p.m. Eastern Time. When either Clinton or Trump brings up one of the 1990s related topics, place their marker on the space. Or just write their initial on it, if you’re lazy. The first candidate to get five-in-a-row wins!

PDF versions  below.

I Heart the 90s-page-001.jpg






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