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Campaign Countdown


Gas-up your war machine, slap-on some feathers and leathers, and tune your CB Radio to the Emergency Broadcasting band as we head to New Vegas for the final battle between the War Lords!

While the irradiated factions of Former America watch Killary take on the Teflon Don, a small group of scientists from the older times look on in horror from their fallout shelter. With the hovering specters of environmental devastation, wars for gasoline and territory, and the continued usurpation of power and wealth by a plutocratic cabal, things are bound to turn out worse. All they can do is use the knowledge of the old ways to attempt to calculate the damage.

Game Link.pngWith Weird Voyeurism’s Campaign Countdown interactive game, watch and record the quickening pace toward Armageddon.

Every time one of the listed items are mentioned during the Debate, click an item and the Doomsday Clock will move a minute closer to Twelve.

Either choose a specific candidate, or combine the answers and speed up the race to the end. Cross your fingers and hope that we don’t make it to Midnight.



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