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Superficial Tuesday

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Sorry Independents! I guess we all knew how this was going to go. But just because you weren’t properly registered – or you found re-watching  the last season of Game of Thrones more fulfilling than voting for Hillary or Donald – doesn’t mean you need to be looked down on by your more civically-engaged peers.  Weird Voyeurism can help deflect those condescending glances with our Official Counterfeit Voting Stickers! Just print them on sticker paper and cut them out! Get that Voter’s discount at the local movie theater without participating in our democracy whatsoever! Impress that cute girl in your civics class who’s always reading Ayn Rand! Wear your ideology on your sleeve without any of the hassle! Sell the additional stickers with your state on it to your friends who don’t vote!  Poor people who can’t afford sticker paper can print them off and  tape them onto their shirts, before being laughed at by people who can afford to spend $5.00 on sticker paper.

Also, for the reluctant turncoats out there, we offer the “Shit… I Guess I’m With Her Now. Fuck.” window signs! Proudly display your reluctant support for the inevitable Democratic nominee! Enjoy another inconsequential milestone as we continue to kick the can down the road to the various splintering parties conventions!


PDF Versions:

Counterfeit Voting Stickers

Reluctant Hillary poster

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Reluctant Hillary poster-page-001


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