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Merry Buffet-mas!

Merry Buffett-mas

It’s that magical time of the year again! The shrimp are boiling, and the booze is in the blender. The sandals are hung by the fireplace with care. Middle-aged businessmen are leaving their families in droves, to pursue a lifestyle of drunken island escapism in the Caribbean. Less than a week from now, children around the globe will be leaving out burgers and margaritas for Saint Jim. They’ll listen for the sounds of parrots on their rooftops, while visions of Mexican cuties dance in their heads! Before you know it, Jimmy Buffet’s birthday will be here once more!
To mark this occasion, Weird Voyeurism is offering up this cocktail of festive ornaments to decorate your Buffet-mas tree with! Just print out the page on card-stock, cut carefully around the images, and hang them on the palm tree in your living room with dental floss or ornament hooks. From all of us, to all of you, have a safe and Merry Buffett-mas! And good luck finding your derelict salt shakers and sandals!

Buffetmas ornaments


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