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Something Other Than The Debate


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   Tonight people around the world will tune in to CBS for the Democratic Party’s presidential debate. Going back to the Founding Fathers, the art of debating has always been a cherished … OH GOD! THERE’S STILL NINE-AND-A-HALF MORE MONTHS OF THIS SHIT!
Every politically astute individual in this country knows how the CBS Democratic debate is going to go: Bernie will say something progressive Hillary will say something mildly less progressive followed by Martin O’Malley getting cut off for seven or eight drug commercials. Give yourself a break tonight with Weird Voyeurism’s channel surfing game! Just print off your candidate card and briefly tune into the Debate. During each question period, add up the number of times each candidate says each talking point and change the channel that many times. If you stop on one of the mentioned shows cross that space off. The first candidate to get five in a row wins! It’s not our best Debate game, but it mildly more entertaining than watching the new episode of Family Guy.

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Something Other Than The Debates Bernie card

Something Other Than The Debates Hillary card



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