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Now those are Progressives: Dialogue of the Dem Debate


Buzzwords. Rhetoric. It’s all just words in the flatulent campaign wind.

But in the interest of linguistic voyeurism, we’ve turned NBC’s transcript into a easy to abuse infographic.

And, we can sum up the entirety of their 53 page discussion briefly:

Both the secretary and the senator think they know what works for Americans. They believe they can make things right. 

They’re progressive; they can make changes to real issuesIssues like: the economy, veteranswall streethealthcare, security, the economy, and the dangers of the Republicans handling the economy.

First, let’s start with their immensely impressive vocabulary:

  • think              ~143 times
  • know              ~99 times
  • people            ~90 times
  • secretary        ~80 times
  • senator           ~78 times
  • work               ~73 times
  • president        ~65 times
  • right                ~57 times
  • issue                ~53 times
  • American       ~46 times
  • believe            ~45 times
  • make               ~44 times

All those basic words really help out the average American with a 7th grade reading level.

(If you don’t believe us, head on over to the Hemingway app and drop in the transcript.)

Now here’s the buzzword breakdown:

  • Wall Street          ~30 times
  • Progressive         ~25 times
  • Republicans        ~22 times
  • Veterans              ~21 times
  • Economy             ~20 times
  • Change                ~18 times
  • Security               ~14 times
  • Family                 ~9 times
  • Healthcare          ~9 times
  • Immigration      ~8 times
  • Corporations      ~8 times
  • Establishment   ~8 times
  • Infrastructure    ~6 times

We here at WV noticed immediately that closer inspection was needed after Hilldawg dropped the p-bomb 6 times in 15 seconds.

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