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New Hampshire Debate Debingo!

  New Hampshire Debingo house ad

Welcome to New Hampshire, land of heroin, primaries, and heroin! On the 105th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth, and just days before the New Hampshire primary, the top-tier Republican candidates are gathering in this heroin-filled state to slug it out over foreign policy, eligibility, and who-stole-who’s junk! With Debate Debingo, just pick your candidate, print off their card, and cross-off the various issues mentioned in tonight’s debate. The first candidate to get five-in-a-row wins! Tune in, tie off, and drift out with tonight’s Republican Debate, and Weird Voyeurism’s Debate Debingo!


New Hampshire Debingo ChristieNew Hampshire Christie Card

New Hampshire Debingo TrumpNew Hampshire Trump

New Hampshire Debingo CarsonNew Hampshire Carson card

New Hampshire Debingo RubioNew Hampshire Rubio Card

New Hampshire Debingo Jeb!New Hampshire Jeb Card

New Hampshire Debingo KasichNew Hampshire KasichNew Hampshire Debingo CruzNew Hampshire Cruz Card

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